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Resources on or Related to Disability by Disabled People

The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network focuses on autistic people. They demonstrate the “Nothing with Us without us” idea consistently. They are against ABA, focus on support needs instead of functioning labels, and accept self-diagnosed autistic people.

The Rolling Explorer is a lifestyle/travel/disability advocacy blog by Jessica Ping-Wild. She has CHILD Syndrome which causes shortened limbs on her left side. She uses a wheelchair and prosthetics. As mentioned, she has blog posts related to disability including ableist language, media recs, and disability pride among others.  


Disability Rights (State you live in if in the USA)

They are an organization dedicated to fighting for disability rights (hence the name). They are the ones who helped get my evaluation and accommodations and I am immensely grateful to them.



They're an organization dedicated to ending discrimination against disabled people. They push for inclusivity to include disabled people. #WeThe15 stretches across a variety of topics such as sports, arts and entertainment, business, and politics among others.

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Chronic Illness



Wheelchair User




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